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Manifesting prosperity ~ the prosperity stones & spells

As we were creating our prosperity kit, we were feeling into the nuances of each prosperity crystal, to decide what gem will be best for the kit.

I have always loved citrine as a beautiful prosperity stone, and worked with it in any prosperity rituals, or when starting new ventures. Then I started to experiment with Green calcite, which is not only gorgeous, but was immediately wonderful for me, aligning quickly with my energy. I have been drawn to it the most lately, and I either find myself meditating with it, or just holding or placing it next to me.

I do love and have worked with many other prosperity stones- like aventurine (which is known to make one lucky in acquiring wealth, as well as attract new opportunities) and jade (another stone of abundance, which is said to be able to remind it’s owner that the Universe is indeed abundant) tiger’s eye (following citrine tiger’s eye is one of the most well know prosperity stones) and pyrite (or "fool’s gold", which is known to attract prosperity) as well as Rutilated Quartz, which is often used as the stone of amplification and can be placed next to another abundance stone like citrine to amplify the effects of abundance.

While I enjoy all these stones, in this juncture in time, green calcite with it's gentle energy of growth, potency, productivity, progress and renewal attributed to green crystals felt like the best stone to manifest ALIGNED prosperity.

It occurred to me that combining 

green calcite + citrine 

will be the perfect move for our PROSPERITY kits!

Not only does Citrine assist us in acquiring wealth, but helps to maintain it, and attracts success and prosperity especially for new business or entrepreneurship ventures, as it helps you achieve our goals rapidly. Placing citrine in our wallet or purse has been known to help generate income ~

Meanwhile Green Calcite helps dissolve old belief systems, and stagnant patterns, thus allowing for new possibilities to arise, and for us to more easily receive and accept the good that is coming our way. Green Calcite is a stone of manifestation and increases success, wealth and flow of financial abundance.

We would love for you to experiment in combining these two beautiful crystals in your PROSPERITY rituals, and see the magic that unfolds!

All Moon & Jai PROSPERITY kits now include a rough green calcite and two smaller citrine stones.

Some ideas of what to do with your prosperity crystals:

  1. After you sit, set intentions and  and align with your crystals, place them in the “prosperity corner” of your space (it is the furthest left corner from the front door according to Feng Shui)
  2. Carry it with you in your purse
  3. Do a prosperity meditation & set intentions while while holding crystals in your hands.
  4. Journal and write out your prosperity visions in present tense, put the paper in a pouch with your prosperity stones, and place under your pillow.

Who is ready to create some serious abundance?

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