What is it about Full Moon that makes us extra?

What is it about Full Moon that makes us extra?

Extra sensitive, perhaps extra moody or reactive?

Full Moon reminds us to take stock of our internal dialogue and work on releasing thoughts and patterns that are not supportive of our growth.

When we perform Full Moon rituals to harness the energy of the Full Moon, we feel stronger and more empowered. When we move on autopilot, without taking the time to honor and harness this powerful energy ~ it tends to affect us in less than positive ways… 

How do we harness Full Moon energy?

First of by acknowledging and honoring it, and simply taking the time to be with it ~ and to be with ourselves.

By Journaling, smudging, meditating with specific crystals that support us in letting go… (IE lepidolite in our release ritual kit)

This weekend we are being guided by Full Moon in Libra ~ and the BIG theme of this particular moon is completion with specific focus on relationships. Whatever you want to call it ~ chapters ending, closure, letting go… this is the time to do it. 

This full moon strongly supports us in lovingly and powerfully releasing aspects of our lives, patterns and relationships that have outlived themselves. It could also be an aspect of a relationship we have with ourselves ~ the way we speak to or treat ourselves, or the way we continuously allow our sleeves to be treated by others.  When we release these relationships or aspects ~ the key is to do it mindfully, maturely and in gratitude for the lessons they served. 


Here's a Full Moon Ritual to support you in letting go:

  1. Light some Sage and smudge yourself (if you are performing this ritual outside. Be sure to thoroughly smudge your space if you are inside.
  2. Sit in a comfortable place, preferably on a cushion on the floor, or close to the Earth and ground yourself.
  3. Take several long, deep, cleansing breaths, imagine that you are growing roots from your seat that go deep into the Earth.
  4. In your mind’s eye envision what (or who) you are ready to let go of.
  5. Imagine holding it (or them) in the palms of your hands in front of you, and showering them with blessings and gratitude for the lessons they have gifted you.
  6. Smile, turn your hands over, bring them close to the ground and allow it/ them go into the center of the Earth ~ to be transmuted into fresh and vibrant energy.
  7. Now take a few more deep breaths and sit for a few minutes with a smile on your face, in gratitude for all the blessings in your life.
  8. To complete, smudge yourself with Palo Santo to fill your auric space with magic and to bring blessings and protection.

You can perform this simple ritual during any Full Moon phase, or whenever you are simply in need of letting go of someone or something…

Wishing you Magically Delicious Full Moon Vibes


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