Zoom The Love and Be Loved Bundle
Zoom The Love and Be Loved Bundle
Zoom The Love and Be Loved Bundle
Zoom The Love and Be Loved Bundle

The Love and Be Loved Bundle

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Introducing the Love and Be Loved Bundle: 

Here's our reality as beings who co-create with the Universe: 

We get to decide how we love and how we are loved. The trick is stepping into our power to do so with wisdom and unburdened expectation.

This bundle is designed to help you craft your experience of love. Whether that means calling forth new romantic partners, repairing and deepening existing connections or simply walking through more of life with a heart full of love for yourself and those around you.

Here’s what’s inside:

Feng Shui for Love, Relationships and Romance (Audio Course) - Value: $29

This mini course is a deep dive into the use of Feng Shui for finding cultivating love within you and around you.

Short, easily digestible and targeted, you'll walk away knowing exactly what to do to ensure the channels are clear to pull in the love, togetherness and connection you're looking for. And in just an afternoon.

Love Ritual Kit - Value: $49

Bring harmony, connection and a deep trust into your relationship with love using the Love Ritual Kit. It's especially useful for drawing in new relationships to express your love through.

Clear out old, heavy relationship patterns through ritual and sage… Assisted by Rose Quartz, the master healer in all matters of love.

Then invite in fresh love as those resistant patterns lighten.

Harmony Ritual Kit - Value: $29

The Harmony Ritual Kit holds the instructions for a ritual that fosters a sense of inner peace, balance and joy. 

This is important for being in harmonious relationship.

You'll be lead to connect to your Inner and Universal guidance in a way that invites miracles, harmony and grace to fill your life. 

It's also the only kit that holds Blue Quartz, which is amazing for inner peace, hope and harmonious communication.

Once aligned with Self and the Universe, you'll be able to navigate through conflicts and towards deeper connection with a loving and secure intuition.

Rose Quartz Keychain Talisman - Value: $16

More Rose Quartz (you want as much of this stone as possible for matters of the heart) in this convenient keychain talisman.

Keep it with you and let it serve as a consistent reminder to step into the energy of love, even as its gentle influence helps your heart continually heal.

Love Medicine Pouch - Value: Unavailable for purchase 

In case you haven't heard, these medicine pouches are items I'd never intended for retail purchase…

But I was lead to offer them as part of these BF bundles. Perhaps you're meant to have one. 

If so, now is the time to order because… well, it doesn't seem like there'll be another time. 

In any case…

This medicine pouch holds a perhaps surprising collection of 3 healing crystals meant to kept on your person in one way or another. As well as information on each of the crystals' properties and benefits.

The crystals are Aventurine, Rose Quartz (naturally), and Citrine. Between them you can expect to experience a range of shifts such as:

Harmony between mind, body and spirit, support in peacefully resolving disputes, a cleansed aura, an opening of the heart chakra, improved self-esteem, attracted love, and more.

Trust me.

You’ll love it.