The Love-Filled Life Bundle
The Love-Filled Life Bundle
The Love-Filled Life Bundle
The Love-Filled Life Bundle

The Love-Filled Life Bundle

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Manifest or foster a deep, authentic romantic love and self love... Whether you're ready for someone new or you're nurturing what's already yours.

This bundle contains 2 important rituals kits: LOVE and RELEASE. 

Love will help you attract love from without as you develop that elusive love within yourself.

Release will help you let go of old wounds, old attachments and old beliefs about why you can't have love, don't deserve love, or will suffer if love comes to you. This will help you allow love into your life and accept it so that it can stay.

Moonstone Pendulum:

Strongly connected to the Moon and Intuition, Moonstone will help balance your masculine and feminine, and allows you to tap into your divine feminine. Use this pendulum to strengthen your intuition so you can take the inspired action that will bring more love into your life.

Each kit is centered around a core crystal that's energetically aligned with the quality you want to manifest:

Love: Raw Rose Quartz - *THE* Love Crystal, it's a master healer in all matters of love.

Release:  Lepidolite - A stone that will help you stay at peace as you clear out the old energies and patterns sabotaging the love in your life. (If you have lots of 'emotional junk' then rejoice! Once that's gone, there's SO MUCH space for love to take its place)

They also include Sage, Palo Santo, cleansing Selenite, amplifying Clear Quartz, and a scroll containing crystal benefits, care instructions and guidance on establishing your practice.

~Box dimensions are 7 inches long x 5 inches wide x 2 inches tall
~The healing crystals in each kit have been cleansed, energetically charged, moon bathed and blessed.