Zoom The New Products Bundle (Limited Stock - Today Only)
Zoom The New Products Bundle (Limited Stock - Today Only)
Zoom The New Products Bundle (Limited Stock - Today Only)
Zoom The New Products Bundle (Limited Stock - Today Only)
Zoom The New Products Bundle (Limited Stock - Today Only)

The New Products Bundle (Limited Stock - Today Only)

$111.11 Regular price $154.00

Introducing, the New Products Bundle.

It’s a collection of all of our recent additions, some totally new additions, and some other stuff that’s only available by ordering this package right now.

Like any other Moon and Jai product, these are designed to help you bring about the life of your intention in one way or another.

And today you and yours can get the freshest (and most exclusive) off the shelf.

Pretty cool, I’d say. :)

Here’s what’s in it!

(NEW!) Harmony Ritual Kit - Value: $29


The Harmony Ritual Kit holds the instructions for a ritual that fosters a sense of inner peace, balance and joy.


You'll be lead to connect to your Inner and Universal guidance in a way that invites miracles, harmony and grace to fill your life.


It's also the only kit that holds Blue Quartz, which is amazing for inner peace, hope and harmonious communication.


(NEW!) Abundance Ritual Kit - Value: $29


This new kit is the abundance amplifier.


Follow the ritual and feel the joy, pleasure and gratitude that sweeps through you as you key into what it feels like to be infinitely abundant. 


Abundant in wealth. Abundant in peace. Abundant in growth.


We are ready, now, to receive all that the Universe has for us.


Sacred Geometry + Slate Charging Plate - Value: $16


This gorgeous thing is still under the radar, but our last customer grabbed 6 when she saw them. They're so great.


The sacred geometry plate is a coaster made of the balancing stone, slate. That combined with the Flower of Life sacred geometry, sacred symbols and the positive affirmations on its surface work to activate and structure your beverages.


Not only is it a unique statement piece, but it helps bring your being into balance from your water to your energy. (Holding it will help ground and balance you)


I can't wait for you to have one on your table beneath a cool glass.


Moon and Jai Cosmic Serpent Sticker Bundle - Value: $9


The Cosmic Serpent Sticker bundle is a collection of whimsical, wonderful stickers that reminds us about the power of our own creative potential and our own magic. They remind us to awaken our creative potential, to say yes to shedding old skin, and to remember the importance of mystery and transformation.


While looking SO pretty, of course. ;)


Joy and Love Medicine Pouches - Value: Unavailable for Purchase


In case you haven't heard, I'd never intended for these medicine pouches to be up for retail purchase.

But I was lead to offer them as part of these BF bundles. Perhaps because you're meant to have one. 

If so, now is the time to order because… well, it doesn't seem like there'll be another time!

In any case.

Each medicine pouch holds a collection of 3 healing crystals meant to be kept on your person in one way or another. As well as information on each of the crystals' properties and benefits.


Here's what's inside of them…


Joy: Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Leopardskin Jasper


From these gems, you'll notice shifts like…


A sense of completeness, enhanced connection to your passion, rising levels of focus and confidence, an ignition of joyous creativity and inspiration, less friction in your core relationships, and of course an enhanced feeling of happiness, wellbeing and energy.


Love: Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Citrine


Between these gems, you'll notice shifts such as…


Greater harmony between mind, body and spirit, support in peacefully resolving disputes, a cleansed aura, an opening of the heart chakra, improved self-esteem, attracted love, and more.



These serve as brilliant guides back onto the path of intentional living and energy…


And as an awesome stocking stuffer.


(NEW) Masterclass: Energetics of Holistic Health - Value: $47

As we said on Thursday, the biggest health issue in the West is that we usually only look at roughly HALF of the health equation.


The other half is the energetics of health. In this New Masterclass, I'll be diving deep into what you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy on an energetic level…


So that you can ADD it to what you're already doing on the physical level. This will give you and your loved ones a more complete protection from illness.


When you order this bundle, you'll be able to join me live (Date TBD) on this deep dive to ask whatever questions you may have on the subject.


And yes, you'll have forever access to the replay.