Zoom Wise Woman | Flower Essence for Changes

Wise Woman | Flower Essence for Changes

Wise Woman flower essence blend was created with the intention to help you with changes, transitions & fluctuations. A wonderful blend for changes like puberty, pregnancy & menopause. ENJOY 12+ drops daily under the tongue or in a glass of water. There are many additional ways to have fun with taking your flower essence drops; bottle of water, tea, coffee, children's bottle, party punch, animal water bowls & baths. For best results, enjoy daily until finished. SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM THE DIVINE FEMININE “Before you came to this planet you knew of all the changes your body would go through from the moment of your conception to the last breathe on this planet. All the changes that your body would go through to allow you the opportunity to have different experiences. As a wise woman, we help you in these transition so that you can accept them freely & gracefully.“ INGREDIENTS water, alcohol & flower essences