5 essential prosperity crystals

There are so many amazing prosperity crystals for us to play with! 

I love sharing nuances and qualities of each of these incredible stones with my clients while we work to beautify their homes. 

Prosperity stones are great when placed in prosperity GUA ( Feng Shui home map) and sprinkled all around the space. I do prefer not to place any in your bedroom as they can bee too stimulating and can disrupt sleep. Green calcite is an exception because it’s vibration is very gentle and soothing. 


I have always loved citrine as a beautiful prosperity stone, and worked with it in any prosperity rituals, or when starting new ventures. Citrine attracts success and prosperity especially for new business or entrepreneurship ventures, as it helps you achieve your goals rapidly. Known as The Merchant's Stone, it assists us in acquiring wealth as well as maintaining it. Stone of abundance, prosperity and success, encourages generosity and desire to share good fortune. Citrine helps us accept joy in life, release anger and negativity, fear and doubt. Inspires creativity and self-expression. A stone of courage, helps in finding clarity when making difficult decisions. 



Then I started to experiment with Green calcite, which is so gorgeous, and felt immediately delicious for me, aligning quickly with my energy. I have been drawn to it the most lately, and I either find myself meditating with it, or just holding or placing it next to me. Green calcite has such gentle energy! It encourages growth, potency, productivity, progress and renewal! Green Calcite helps dissolve old belief systems and stagnant patterns, allowing for new possibilities to arise, and for us to easily receive and accept the good that is coming our way. 



Aventurine is known to bring luck in acquiring wealth, as well as help attract new opportunities. It is said to be able to remind it’s owner that the Universe is indeed abundant.  It harmonizes our inner world, soothes the heart and assists in working through old patterns and emotional hurdles on the way to manifesting abundance. Great stone for self reflection, it can help accelerate growth and learning. Green aventurine allows you to feel an infusion of inspiration and ignite your creativity!



Tiger’s eye rivals citrine in being recognized as one of the most well loved prosperity stones. It is a powerful stone that helps you release fear and anxiety around finances and aids in creating harmony and balance. It stimulates taking action, and helps you make decisions with discernment. Tiger’s eye’s healing properties come from Sun and Earth elements, giving it both grounding and inspiring vibrations. Fell like you’ve been hustling extra hard, but not seeing results? Grab a tiger’s eye and invite the delicious luck vibration in!



Shiny silvery shimmery pyrite stone also known as “fool’s gold", has been used to amplify ambition, drive, your goget’em attitude! It supports you in shining bright, crushing your goals and really making things happen!  It promotes vitality, mental clarity, focus and creativity. It positively fuels ambition, commitment and perseverance, and encourages leadership qualities. Known as Fool's Gold, it uses Sun energy to assist in creating wealth utilizing one's individual strengths. It is a stone of action, vitality and will. Pyrite's subtle energies guard against criticism or manipulation, giving us the strength to change the power balance into a more harmonious and fair one.  

I have one sitting by my laptop whenever I am in super inspired work mode. If motivation is what you seek ~look no further! Pyrite’s got you!



Love all of the above and want to make them even more powerful? Rutilated Quartz is often used as the stone of amplification and can be placed next to any abundance stone to amplify its effects. So grab some rutilated quartz if you want to send your abundance manifestations to the stratosphere!


Some ideas for working with your prosperity crystals:

  1. Take a seat, take some deep breaths and ground. Set intentions and align with your crystals, 
  2. Place your abundance crystals in the “prosperity corner” of your space (it is the furthest left corner from the front door according to Feng Shui)
  3. Carry them with you. I have some in my purse, in my car and at the entrance of my home so I can grab one that feels the most aligned for that day.
  4. Do a guided prosperity meditation while while holding crystals in your hands.
  5. Journal and write out your prosperity visions in present tense, put the paper in a pouch with your prosperity stones, and place under your pillow.


What are some of your favorite prosperity stones?

Please share in the comments below!


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