Favorite rituals ~ SMOKE CLEANSING + WRITING

Retreat into solitude. 
Find a space where you are comfortable.
Where you’re unlikely to be interrupted.  
Where you can sit with quiet.  
The perfect circumstances never exist. So just do your best with this.  
When you’ve found your chosen space, you may wish to light candle.  
To put on background music.  
To do some smoke clearing  
Whatever you feel called to do to invite positive energy and ground yourself.  
Once your space is prepared…   Take a seat.  
Get comfortable.  
Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply.  
This is just to settle yourself. Go reach deeper levels.   And when you feel relaxed and quiet, set an intention:   Calling to whatever power beyond yourself you believe in… God, angels, universe, intuition, higher self…   Ask them to guide you in serving your highest good this day,   Then take a piece of blank paper and write these words:   If I could let go of that which no longer serves me, I would release…  
Then write.  
Write and write and write and write. As little or as much as feels right.  
Allow yourself to be guided by whatever powers you called on in the service of your highest good. Let your judging mind relax. Let your words flow unhindered.   Allow whatever must go to come through you and find a new home in the page.  
And when you feel finished…  
Take the paper somewhere that flames won’t be a problem.   
If you have a cauldron (some use a cast iron-skillet), use that. But the kitchen sink or toilet or anywhere else safe works just as well.  
Then grab a match or a candle and begin burning the paper.  
As you watch the paper burn, feel a heat in your pelvis.    Feel the energy inside of you shifting for your highest good as you recite the ho’oponopono prayer.  
“I’m sorry.”  
“Please forgive me.”  
“Thank you.”  
“I love you.”  
And know that it is done.  

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