Coming back to your creative center


~ In the midst of seemingly lackluster waves of inspiration that grow quieter and quieter in their whispering call to you- take a moment to allow the tides of creative intuition run their course, patiently, as fresh new tides draw in. 

Creativity is an essence within that sometimes flows towards and away from us, much like the ocean in its nature. It is a source with many modes of expression- artistically, professionally, lovingly. This creative flow does not belong to one shore, never stagnant to a pace, similarly ruled by the moon and its everchanging phases. You too, will go through ever changing creative phases. 

When a wave hits your skin, you relish in its encompassing warmth and accept its desire to recede in order to forge fresh waves. Aim to confront creative blockages with this same attitude.

When the grasp on your creativity seems to be slipping, know that new beginnings are on their way, and that it is okay to release old breath for new. In fact, the release is necessary and ensures the survival of your growing path, wherever it takes you. 

For it to maintain presence within you, drop all expectations and previous self-judgement. Mental blockages happen when we are stern with ourselves and resisting acknowledgement that this too shall pass, for the sake of growth anew. We cannot expect ourselves to produce the same results over and over again, when we want, and always be satisfied.  

We cannot expect ourselves to maintain the same level of creative output all the time, as each day calls for different focus, desires and lessons learned. Once we learn to appreciate the process, inspiration flows more willingly. 

Rather than worrying about when or how you will regain inspiration, and finish that project or close that deal, accept its momentary recession in anticipation for what is to come. 

Take a few steps to the side, peer over, and acknowledge all that you’ve done so far with intent for surprises. You are made of water, so of course you are going to change flow and direction, but do not fear, for the magic you are looking for is in the work that is coming. 



The magic I seek is in me now

I am clear minded and full of new breath 

With each exhalation, I invite fresh creation 

Written by Moon and Jai Head Muse ~ Celeste Paris
IG @thebigbellpepper2.0
Photo by Amaury Salas on Unsplash

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