Moon and Jai is a conscious lifestyle brand, specializing in products and experiences that inspire intentional living. We immerse ourselves in magic daily, and love to inspire others to explore their own magic powers!

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Such a spiritual treasure!

"I’ve seen bundles and kits before but never anything like this! The second you hold and open the beautiful box this kit comes in your heart tickles as you can actually feel the love emanating from the box!! I received the healing box as a gift from a great friend who said, “no this is different you’re going to love it!” And she was so right!! The guide to the ritual was so helpful and the crystal intention setting was as well (so perfect for a beginner, so that’s what everyone’s getting for their birthdays moving forward!) the packaging is so beautiful and simply done, and once you open the box it is a gift for the eyes in the products and layout which in turn are a gift for the soul! Highly recommended!!!" - Bella

Beautiful objects with sacred meaning!

"I absolutely love my moon and jai manifest box. Every object is beautiful and the packaging is such high quality and equally as gorgeous. Not to mention the meaning and intention of the kit and ritual itself. This is my go-to gift for everyone (I buy different boxes based on the recipient) and it is so special and always received with so much gratitude. Of course I always have one for myself, too." - Michele

Pure Excellence!

"Wow! I bought this (citrine) and the lepidolite kits. I am SO very impressed! Every aspect is exceptional! I bought these for myself but I’ll be buying more for gifts! Why Luxurious, high quality. Beautiful presentation and packaging! It feels like a real treat! The stones are high quality. I’m a geologist and the quality and authenticity is important to me. I love the information given about each item and sweet instructions on how to use the kit. Everything you need for a beautiful experience!" - Joni


"Im so happy with my LOVE kit! First, let me make it clear that this was my first experience with sage, crystals and etc. I got my order right in time for the new year where i was setting my intentions and goals for 2019. The kit was so helpful in simplifying it all for me and i feel great progress in my affirmations and intentions! Such a beautiful set! I will definitely be coming back for more!" - Naz

Divine Healing Kit!

"I believe we all need more healing energy in our lives, whether to soothe something that ails us in the present, or to mend an old wound from our deep rooted past. This gorgeous Moon and Jai kit brought the most beautiful energetic quality into my space and filled my home with the perfect alchemy for the healing I so very much need at this time. Thank you for creating and spreading that pure light. My love and gratitude to you." - Natalie

Thank you!!

"I came across your brand at the most perfect time in my life. my healing kit has nurtured me and my space. thank you so much for all these items! I want all the other kits!" - Victoria

Energy clearing your Airbnb is a thing!

One of our favorite wellness travel publications www.the-glassy.com tells us all about clearing your vacation housing ~ featuring travel smudging & crystal advice from Moon and Jai founder Gina Moon. *** Have you ever...

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