We came into this world, as perfect beings.

We came into this world, as perfect beings.

 …I invite you to think about that, for a moment..

White light surrounding us, omitting the only universal truth: LOVE.

With that innocent twinkle in our eye, we knew nothing- yet that is where everything is birthed from. We are always reminded by the Spirit to step out of the MAYA (illusion) of mind and into the HEART space- that is ultimately, where our knowledge lives. We can hear our deepest desires when we get really clear, in turn opening up to the great mystery all around us.

There is a basic goodness in life, that longs to live through us. This animates all beings, and yet we can so easily get knocked off of our individual paths. This goodness is often threatened by bullying fears and loud societal voices.

When you are challenged, or feel that you are being led away from your true path renewal rituals becomes a deep necessity. Cultivating and performing renewal practices allows us to become open to what may be blocking our basic receptivity. Observe your stagnations, fears or self doubts with acceptance and caring intent. Please know there ARE tools to help you transmute anything that needs shifting. We CAN reach ultimate freedom -within ourselves.


We will be sharing some of our favorite renewal rituals in the next blog post.


What are your favorite renewal rituals?

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