The LUNACY ~ how the full Moon affects our core


Have you ever wondered exactly why the moon cycles affect us to the degree they do? For those that are still skeptical about the ACTUAL effects Full Moon can have on us ~  here are some interesting documented influences of the Full Moon on living creatures . . . 

* Veterinarians say that animals are more restless and unruly during Full Moon.

* Migratory Birds follow the patterns of the moon for timing and finding their path.

* The full moon amplifies electrical charge in living cells.

* Emergency rooms see more patients on Full Moon

* Ovulation and sexual desire peak during Full Moon.

~ These are just a few tangible ways the moon affects us.

We want to share with you 5 powerful ways to counteract all this LUNACY ~

(yes, an ancient word referring to people going “mad” during the time of the Full Moon)

1. Mediate and ground ~ whatever your meditation practice is, double or triple it today to stay balanced and intentional.

2. Cleanse ~ smudge and physically clean your living space, get rid of minor clutter, buy some fresh flowers and prepare your space for the new and fresh cycle! 

3. Release ~ create a ritual around releasing any stories, patterns, thoughts that no longer serve your highest good. Especially focus on what hasn’t worked in the last 30 days and set an intention to let it go to make space for the new, fresh and vital!

4. Be Pro-active, not reactive ~ in all your actions observe the pattern of reactivity, and try to change it. 

5. Self care ~ journal, take a bath, curl up with a book or go for a moonlight swim ! However you take care of YOU, do more of that today!

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