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How smudging & crystal magic changed my life

With a subject line like that, I am sure you are at the edge of your seat, waiting for me to share the most profound, life altering and unforgettable story...

What if I told yo that the most profound change I have ever experienced, was also the most subtle?

It started innocently enough~ I started "saging" and "clearing" my home and myself occasionally. Each time I would do it, I observed the energy of my living space change dramatically. Whatever stagnation, density, discomfort was present in the space -it lifted instantly, and I felt as though my home was filling up with light. My work flowed more smoothly, tasks I procrastinated on for months suddenly got complete in an hour, and for added benefit my home always smells DIVINE! (the neighbors passing by literally ask me why my place smells so amazing :) So I started to smudge more often, once a week, every other day, and then intuitively whenever I felt the space and I needed it.

I have added "daily rituals" to my meditation practice, and I now turn relatively mundane tasks into magical endeavors. There is more spaciousness, flow, love, and joy in my life. Sure, I experience frustration, overwhelm, I get reaaaallly tired some days ~ and when I perform my rituals, all those feelings shift and lighten. They don't always disappear ~ but my relationship with the challenge at hand is more balanced and harmonious!

So, if any of what I wrote struck a cord, and you want to give this whole ritual thing a go, or if you simply think ~ "what a beautiful box and a sweet idea, my (cousin, daughter, best friend, teacher) would really love this!" Go ahead and feel into which ritual box feels the most aligned for your life, for your desires, for your intentions - for your NOW... and give it a go. You will experience a shift I promise ~ and yes, your space will smell absolutely Divine, just adding to the magic and sweetness of it all...

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