Hurricane Irma & learning to stay calm amidst the storm

We are back from what has become known FL wide as a "hurrication"

Both because it was a vacation due to the hurricane and because everyone was in a hurry to vacate. A little humor amidst the storm has always been my guiding light. We have been spared from Irma ~

We have power and gas and internet.

The neighborhood looks really beat up, and all the beautiful trees that are laying broken in piles on the ground break my heart ~ today I went around the neighborhood and picked up branches that were salvageable and put them in every vase in my home.

In deep gratitude to have been spared the storm's wrath, and sending prayers to those who have been less fortunate. 

As I was leaving my home almost two weeks ago, I wasn't sure what I would return to. All the spaghetti and fettuccini models showed pretty dire outcomes for my area. We were under mandatory evacuation orders and everyone I knew was panicked. I've lived in Miami for 15 years, and been through many a storm - but never experienced anything remotely resembling the fear & chaos of Irma. 

I only took one suitcase with necessities, a Moon & Jai kit, and all my favorite crystals, extra sage and Palo Santo ~ being in the midst of fear and chaos I knew I would need it!

I smudged every hotel room we ended up in (all 5 of them) and all of us daily.

I created small altars in every one of those hotel rooms, mediated with my crystals and held one of them in my hand through the journey ~ that is what kept me and our little caravan (mostly) sane and balanced on this journey. My advice ~ next time you make a trip, take your Palo Santo, Sage, take your crystals, take your talismans and continue creating your rituals on the road ~ Just make sure not to set off the fire alarms ;) 🔥


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